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During your initial assessment, if an in-growing toe-nail has been identified, then nail surgery is a permanent solution to the problem.  It is a minor procedure, which is carried out under local anaesthetic.  All our expert podiatrists are qualified to carry out nail surgery.

Correcting the ingrowing toe nail

Why do I have this problem?

The nail might be curved (involuted) on one or both sides, producing pressure on the flesh of the toe.

A splinter of nail might be piercing the flesh of the toe due to incorrect cutting or damage to the nail.

How can this be corrected?

A minor surgical procedure, called a partial nail ovulsion (removal of the offending piece of nail) will resolve the discomfort in the area

What does this procedure involve?

This procedure takes around 45 minutes to perform.  It is carried out under local anaesthetic, i.e. the toe to be operated on is frozen.

Then using nippers, the section of nail producing the discomfort is removed.  A chemical (Phenol) is then used to prevent the nail from re-growing.


What can I expect from this procedure?

With the removal of the section of nail that was producing discomfort, you should be left with a pain-free toe.

Follow up appointments (which are included in our treatment package) will be required.

Nail surgery is an effective way to solve a persistent in-growing toenail.  If your in-growing toe nail is caused by biomechanical issues, i.e. the movement of your feet and walking, our podiatrist will recommend a biomechanical assessment and the prescription of orthotics. (click to that page)

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