Do I need a GP referral to come to the clinic?

No, as we are a private practice you can self-refer. Although if you would like to use your private medical insurance please check with your provider as come companies require a GP referral first.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes we work on an appointment system; each appointment is half an hour long. Sometime same day appointments are available so please call to check if we have any availability.

Can I get NHS treatment?

This is a private practise and unfortunately the NHS does not outsource their podiatry services to everyone. You will need to go through your GP for treatment on the national health and to be seen at this clinic you will have to live in the borough of Wandsworth and be in need of NHS help.  This can result in lengthy wait time for you first appointment, that is why many podiatry patients choose to go privately.

Why would I come to a Podiatrist?

As podiatrists we are specially trained in all aspects of foot problems. We can diagnose you problem and carry out treatments.

Can I claim on my medical insurance?

Yes if you are covered for podiatry services. Our podiatrists are HPC registered and members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. They are also BUPA registered.

Will treatment be painful?

Depending on what treatment is being carried out you may feel a slight discomfort. Everybody is different and reacts differently; you will be advised of any discomfort in any treatments we carry out before they are done. We are very sympathetic and listen to our patients and treatment is only carried out once the patient is fully comfortable.

Do I need to take a day off work?

Most working patients come before or after work or on a Saturday. Any treatment we carry out generally does not require a day off work but if it does you will be advised in advance.

Do you prescribe medication?

Legally we are not allowed to prescribe medication but all podiatrists are trained in podiatric pharmacy so can advise on medication for your feet.

How often do I need to come to a podiatrist?

Depending on your feet and the problems you have it varies. Some patients come every 3 weeks and some patients come once a year. It is advised to see a podiatrist at least once a year for routine care and foot health.

Do you prescribe orthotics?

Yes we do.

Do you do home visits to care homes and hospitals?

Yes we do.

What if I forget my appointment or I am late?

If you are more than 10 minutes late for you appointment there is no guarantee that you will be seen as each appointment is 30 minutes long. We have a strict 24 hour notice cancellation policy, if you do not cancel your appointment in the required time you will be charged the full cost of the appointment. This process allows us to have the most up to date available appointments for all our patients.

Are there additional costs?

Any additions would be advised

All our podiatrists are members of: