At The Foot Health Company we treat all types of problems with nails. 

Nail reconstruction can be offered in cases where part of the nail has been lost (due to injury or trauma), or has crumbled away due to fungal infections. 

A specialist gel is applied and shaped into a new nail that can also be painted over by you at home.  This nail can be re-done once it starts to grow out in 6-8 weeks.

The images show before and after the nail reconstruction is carried out:

Thickened nails:

These can be thinned out with our specialised equipment.  You will be advised on  the cause of the problem and how to manage it going forward.

In-growing nails:

These can mostly be treated on the day of your appointment by being skilfully cut away.  You will be advised on the cause of the in-growing nails and the best long-term treatment for them.

A heavily infected nail may require a local anaesthetic or a booking for nail surgery.

Reoccurring in-growing toenails can be caused by displaced walking (gait) and foot movements.  In these cases you will be advised to have a biomechanics assessment, as orthotics/insoles maybe required for re-balancing your foot movement.